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How to Install Firefox on Arch Linux/Manjaro in One Line of Command

Cyrus Kao
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Mozilla Firefox is the default web browser for many Linux distros since it's fully open source, there are also several official and Arch user packages for different versions of Firefox for Arch-based Linux. To install them is quite easy, either installing with pacman directly or using AUR helpers like yay.


Installing Firefox from the repository also installs the following required libraries and packages as dependencies:

System requirements
System requirements of Firefox


  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S firefox
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S firefox

Firefox Developer Edition

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S firefox-developer-edition
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S firefox-developer-edition

Firefox Nightly

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd firefox-nightly && makepkg -si
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S firefox-nightly

Firefox Extended Support Release (LTS)

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd firefox-esr-bin && makepkg -si
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S firefox-esr-bin

Firefox Beta

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd firefox-beta-bin && makepkg -si
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S firefox-beta-bin

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