How to Install GNOME Extensions on Arch Linux/Manjaro

Cyrus Kao
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There are tens of thousands of extensions provided by the community to empower the GNOME desktop environment. In order to install them via GNOME Extensions on Arch based Linux, we'll need some AUR (Arch User Repository) packages for managing extensions and browser integration.


Install gnome-shell-extensions for managing and enabling/disabling extensions, and gnome-browser-connector (replacement for chrome-gnome-shell-git) for browser integration (works for both Chrome and Firefox):

yay -S gnome-shell-extensions gnome-browser-connector

Don't know how to install packages on Arch based Linux? A full guide on Two Ways to Install Packages from AUR on Arch Linux/Manjaro.

Browser Integration

The gnome-browser-connector installed earlier is the server-side of the integration, to install the client-side:

Install Extensions

Visit the official site of GNOME Extensions and enable the extension by toggling it to ON:

User Themes
User Themes on GNOME Extensions

Manage Extensions

Either manage your extensions throw browser:

Managing extensions
Managing extensions throw browser

Or use the Extensions app (gnome-shell-extensions) in the desktop shortcuts:


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