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Install Google Chrome on Arch Linux/Manjaro in One Line of Command

Cyrus Kao
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If you just migrated to Arch-based Linux from Ubuntu or Mint, things could be a little confusing since Arch Linux uses a different package manager called pacman. I recently wrote a post about how to install packages on Arch Linux, but if you want a no-brainer installation with a single line of command, here it is.

Google only offers .deb and .rpm files for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora/openSUSE:

Download page
Google Chrome's download page


  • Stable channel (Recommended)

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd google-chrome && makepkg -si
  • Beta channel

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd google-chrome-beta && makepkg -si
  • Dev channel

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd google-chrome-dev && makepkg -si


The commands above will do the followings:

  1. Install git if you haven't.
  2. Clone the repository from AUR (Arch User Repository).
  3. cd into the directory.
  4. Build the package with makepkg and install with pacman.

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