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Fix Failed to Save Optimized SVG in Inkscape on Linux

Cyrus Kao
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If you encountered the error Failed to import module 'scour'. while saving a drawing as optimized SVG in Inkscape, it means you're missing the scour package on your system. And here is a quick fix for Arch-based (Manjaro, EndeavourOS) and Debian/Ubuntu-based (e.g. Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, Elementary OS) Linux distros.

Error message
Error occurred when saving optimized SVG

Arch-Based Linux Distros

Install scour from AUR:

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S scour
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S scour

Don't know how to install packages on Arch based Linux? A full guide on Two Ways to Install Packages from AUR on Arch Linux/Manjaro.

Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux Distros

Install python-scour with apt:

$ sudo apt install python-scour

Using pip

Alternative, you can install the missing module with pip, which is the package installer for Python:

$ pip install scour

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