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Remap Mouse/Keyboard Buttons on Linux (Works for X11 and Wayland)

Cyrus Kao
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Remapping mouse buttons and keyboard keys could be a difficult thing to do in Linux due to the X Window System (X11) and Wayland confusion. However, there is a GUI tool written in Python called Input Remapper that can help you remap devices with ease. It supports both protocols, and remembers the configuration after rebooting.

input-remapper was formerly named as key-mapper.


Using pip

For other Linux distros or if you preferred managing input-remapper with pip:

$ sudo pip install --no-binary :all: git+

Enable the service manually:

$ sudo systemctl enable input-remapper


Remap the buttons/keys of your selected device:

Input Remapper
MIDDLE button mapped to LEFT with autoload turned on

Don't forget to click apply after configuration.


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