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Install Chromium on Arch Linux/Manjaro in One Line of Command

Cyrus Kao
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Chromium is an open-source web browser, also the core of many popular browsers like Google Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi and even Microsoft Edge. There are people actually using Chromium in their day-to-day work, since it's the only way to experience the bleeding edge features of the core.

Chromium web browser


Install the preferred version of Chromium from the official and Arch user repository.


  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S chromium
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S chromium

Chromium Dev

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd chromium-dev && makepkg -si
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S chromium-dev

Chromium Nightly

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd chromium-snapshot-bin && makepkg -si
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S chromium-snapshot-bin

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