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Install Microsoft Edge on Arch Linux/Manjaro in One Line of Command

Cyrus Kao
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Microsoft Edge is growing fast since it embraced the power of Chromium. According to some online data, it has become the 3rd most popular browser. And funny enough, it supports Linux too. .deb and .rpm packages are available from the official site, also some AUR packages maintenance by the community for Arch Linux users.

Download page
Microsoft Edge's download page


  • Stable channel

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd microsoft-edge-stable-bin && makepkg -si
  • Beta channel

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd microsoft-edge-beta-bin && makepkg -si
  • Dev channel

    $ sudo pacman -S --needed git && git clone && cd microsoft-edge-dev-bin && makepkg -si


The commands above will do the followings:

  1. Install git if you haven't.
  2. Clone the repository from AUR (Arch User Repository).
  3. cd into the directory.
  4. Build the package with makepkg and install with pacman.

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