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Install GNOME Web (Epiphany) on Arch Linux/Manjaro in One Line of Command

Cyrus Kao
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GNOME Web (aka Epiphany) is the default web browser for GNOME desktop environment. Although the popularity of it is not growing significantly, it's one of my must-have browsers. The reason behind that is because it's the few WebKit based browser on Linux still maintained, comes particularly handy when testing websites.

GNOME Web is based on Apple's WebKit rendering engine. Since Apple never released the Linux version of Safari, it's safe to say that GNOME Web is the top choice for WebKit UI/UX debugging on Linux.

Introduction of GNOME Web


Install GNOME Web from the official repository:

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S epiphany
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S epiphany

Install GNOME Keyring (Optional)

Install gnome-keyring for the ability to save passwords on GNOME Web (optional):

  • Using pacman

    $ sudo pacman -S gnome-keyring
  • Using yay

    $ yay -S gnome-keyring

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